About Me

Who am I?

  • ’11 — Started college at The University of Akron as a Mechanical Engineer
  • ’11 – ’18 — Switched majors from Mechanical to Electrical to Computer Engineering finally settled on Computer Science
  • ’12 (August) — Met my wife Jessie at a friend’s birthday celebration, she thought I was “cool” but “didn’t think she would ever see me again”
  • ’13 (February) — Starting dating Jessie
  • ’16 — Married Jessie, got our first house, started working at ipsoCreative as a web developer, was a busy year
  • ’17 — Got our dog Mack, was described to us as “having a few quirks” by the woman fostering him, got my first 3D Printer, a Prusa MK2
  • ’18 — Graduated with a Multidisciplinary Degree in Computer Science, General Engineering and Mathematics, 3D printed a plane for FliteTest, learned about wing reinforcement
  • ’19 — Went golfing for the first time in 15 years, really enjoyed it unlike when I was younger, fell into YouTube Golf hole (pun intended), ipsoCreative acquired by Kaulig Media
  • ’20 — Went to NYC in March, saw Hadestown on Broadway, managed to get out before the country shut down, listened to Hadestown soundtrack almost exclusively
  • ’21 — Started Mercia Digital LLC!